The Power Of Fruit: Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd, with over 120 years of experience in healthcare has now entered into a whole new foray with the acquisition of Tamilnadu - based Fruitnik. With a presence of over 50 years, Fruitnik holds a strong equity of natural goodness in the market we operate in and with this relaunch, the brand will soon be more visible and available to customers across the state with your support. Keeping with our inherent property, Fruitnik will be promoted with "The Power Of Fruit" as its promise.

- S Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd

About Us -Power of Fruit

' The Power Of Fruit ' is the tagline for the brand and encompasses everything Fruitnik stands for. This line has been developed in line with the brand core.

It represents all the zest, energy, life and bounce one gets with the intake of fruit, which is defined in our brand essence.

This line single-handedly communicates the positioning for the brand and will be used for all forms of communication as the sign-off. While being used for communication in other languages, the line will remain the same and will only be transliterated.


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The Power Of Fruit

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