The Power Of Fruit: Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd, with over 120 years of experience in healthcare has now entered into a whole new foray with the acquisition of Tamilnadu - based Fruitnik. With a presence of over 50 years, Fruitnik holds a strong equity of natural goodness in the market we operate in and with this relaunch, the brand will soon be more visible and available to customers across the state with your support. Keeping with our inherent property, Fruitnik will be promoted with "The Power Of Fruit" as its promise.

- S Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd

About Us -Our Identity


A new logo has been developed that carries maximum prominence to the name, which exudes confidence, modernity and life.

Seal of trust

To highlight heritage value, the
'since 1958' has also been added.


The unit carries a visual cue to promote the all-natural properties of the product as well. Fruit images are also a part of the logo to cute the fruit drink more clearly


Along with the name, the logo unit also carries the tagline
The Power Of Fruit, which is what the brand stands for.

All these elements are placed on a bright casing background that forms the unit. Along with the droplets of dew and the fruit cues around the name, the logo creates a complete story about everything that the brand stands for - a fun, active and healthy fruit drink that caters to the needs of today's discerning youth.

Colours have been particularly selected to represent certain key values that the brand will and must stands for at all times, which include:

As a whole, the logo has been designed to represent the brand as one that offers a wholesome, trustworthy product that lives up to its promise. All colours fall under the nature palette to ensure immediate relatability and to strengthen the image of the brand and its product.


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The Power Of Fruit

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